Tuesday, October 5, 2010

home sweet home

I'm noticing a trend here, where my posts seem to take place on the 5ths. To break that habit, here is a post on the 6th!

Tonight I worked at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was an entire change of pace and totally different from a night at The Magic Kingdom. I overall enjoyed it, but it really made me appreciate where I work and the little things about it that you don't really tend to notice until you're somewhere else and everything is different!

I have realized how much I truly appreciate and love the place where I work. There is just something different about other parks. Not to say that they are anything worse or better, but there is just something magical about the "most magical place on earth". I think that anyone would really feel that way concerning their home park, although, my home park was Epcot. I love Epcot, but I definitely feel more of a connection to The Magic Kingdom and to me, it just feels like home. I get to roam the park, and I don't just work in a few stores in one area. My role is universal and I get to experience the parks in ways that many do not.

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  1. Hey Corinne! It was so awesome to meet you a couple weeks ago!!! Can't wait to come back and start working. I had a question for you... as a GR intern do we also get to do the tours and things like that?