Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The halfway point

Hello world!

I am halfway through my internship. Wow, time sure does seem to fly.

Guest Relations seems to keep growing on me, and I love it more and more each day. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that the temperature is slowly but surely going down, making every aspect of life just a bit more enjoyable. :-)

Something cool about Guest Relations, is that it is a universal role. This means that you can take your training and apply it to other parks. I am attempting that tonight by working at another park's GR! I am super excited, yet also pretty nervous. I have tried to study a park map to see where some of the staple locations and items are (closest restrooms and smoking areas, height restrictions, shows, etc.), but I know it is going to be a challenge.

To inform anyone reading a bit more about GR, it is a role I have recently realized is way different than most of the other PIs. I have noticed that my hours are completely different than those of my roommates and neighbors. If you are intending on working in Guest Relations, expect to work long hours. You may have an 8 hour day like your roommates and friends, BUT those 8 hours may not start until 6 p.m. and end until 2 in the morning. You just have to learn to adapt. It may be difficult, but everyone has to start somewhere! You also will not always have consecutive or regular days off. That is another thing to keep in mind.

Currently I am really enjoying everything this internship has to offer, despite the crazy hours! I have met tons of different guests and have had the opportunity to make magic happen. It really does take some time to get settled into a new role, and I finally feel like I have settled quite nicely. I am still learning many new things each day, and I still ask questions, but I'm pretty sure that's normal. :-)

Good luck to everyone applying for Professional Internships for Spring 2011! I just submitted my application and my screening interview is tomorrow. I am pretty excited about it, but also really nervous. I'm not quite sure what is going to happen after this internship ends, but I would like to keep my options open and am always up for trying something new! Feel free to ask any questions if you have any. I love talking about my experience and getting others excited about it too!

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