Sunday, September 5, 2010

Extra, extra, read all about it!

Sooo...this blog may say things about my college program 2010, BUT there was a bit of a change in events (see previous post) that says otherwise!

I have not posted in quite some time, so I believe I should be keeping this a bit more updated. Sorry about that, folks! I was working and some girls actually recognized me from my blog, and that was a reminder that maybe I need to get back to this! Hello girls I met in City Hall! I want to see your blogs too, so let me know what those are!

Anyways, to update anyone reading this on my life the past (almost) three's what's gone down.

On June 17, I checked into my apartment for my professional internship (PI). I was placed in a two bedroom, four person apartment without the ability to choose my roommates or if I wanted a two or three-bedroom. This is something different from the college program (CP) and most people were pretty disappointed because most of us had made our living arrangements prior to check-in day and were informed that we could not have any say in the process. The apartments are very nice though, and I think that Disney did pretty good with choosing a place for the PIs after their housing was pretty much filled up already. We were supposed to be placed in Patterson Court (the newest of the Disney-sponsored housing complexes), but there were so many CPs already occupying it and predicted to occupy it, that we were moved to another place.

My PI, as many of you may already know, is Guest Relations at The Magic Kingdom! I work at part of the most magical place on earth! (NOT the happiest, that is Disneyland!). To give you a bit of insight on how the Guest Relations (GR) internship goes, would be pretty difficult. There is so much to touch upon, I'm not quite sure where to start, but I'll give it a try!

During the beginning of our internship, all of the GR professional interns were together for a lot of global GR training with most of the basics that we need to know. We also have a lot of training on some of the computer programs we have to learn, and are taught all about the services The Hub (Disney's intranet for Cast Members) has to offer. We learn the ticketing systems and how to sell all different types of tickets, how to make dining reservations and more. It's a LOT of information in not quite a lot of time! After we were trained in all of the core things we needed, we were split up amongst our own intern groups per park. This semester, MK has more interns than all of the other parks! We have twelve, which is a record number I believe. Disney's Animal Kingdom (DAK) has two, Epcot has four, Downtown Disney has two, and Disney's Hollywood Studios (DHS) has four. All of us were picked from I believe a good bit of applicants. I want to say in the thousands, which is pretty cool.

With MK, there were so many of us that we were not all immediately in the hall (City Hall, our main GR location in the park). Most of us were either tip board or Celebrate Greeter trained and rotated shifts doing those for a while. What are those positions you may ask? Celebrate Greeter is a special position that I cannot really tell too much about. What I can say though, is that we help to create some magic throughout the park. What kind of magic? I can't really say, but I can tell you that it's the kind of magic you will only find at a Disney theme park! We also help out with the parades and audience control and things like that. It's a pretty cool position, and it involves being out in the park amongst the guests and just talking to them and helping them have a great day.

Tip board on the other hand, involves working at the outside tip board where the attraction wait times are posted approximately every thirty minutes until around six in the evening. It is an awesome place to be, even on the hottest of days. Working at the tip board, you get to trade pins with guests, answer questions, provide maps and times guides for the parks, and change the attraction wait times out. One of my most magical moments out at the tip board was during our "3 o'clock parade". I met a little girl, Princess Emily, who was terrified that the "bears" on the floats were going to come get her (after seeing them earlier at the Move It Shake It Celebrate It Street Party - MISICI). I told her that Tinkerbell spread her pixie dust on the sides of the roads so that no one from the parade could get to her, and that she would be okay. I stayed with her through the parade and eventually had her dancing and waving and even blowing kisses to characters! It was awesome, and definitely a rewarding moment. I remember being scared of things as a child, and it was always cool to have someone there with me to help the fear become something fun.

Different locations have all different types of training because of their different facilities and differing guest needs, so keep in mind that what I have written about has been mainly MK-centric. After spending some time in those positions, we were split up and individually taken through "City Hall training". This involved applying the knowledge we had previously learned and making it look good. We also learned about other things, like driving 15-passenger vans and more of the history of the company. It was an intense process, but eventually I earned my ears.

I'm going to leave you all at that for the night, but I hope this helped and I hope you have a magicalevenint!@