Monday, June 14, 2010

It all began with a mouse...

I am completely in shock.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, and that good things come to those who wait...but wow. I never would have expected this.

Almost 3 weeks ago, I was driving home from school (about 2.5 hours or so away) to move some of my stuff home. I was set to move completely home early the next week. I contemplated stopping to use the bathroom at a gas station before getting on the highway, and eventually caved and stopped in. I don't answer my phone while driving, but I got a call from a restricted number while in the bathroom and answered it (no, don't worry I was not actually USING the bathroom at the time haha). It was a woman from Disney Casting.

WHAT?! I'm not quite sure what was going through my mind at that point, but it was a bit crazy. She asked me if I was still interested in an internship with Disney and then said it was not an interview, but she had a couple of questions for me. She asked if I would have a car and if I would require housing in Orlando. Then she went on to inform me that I was selected for a Professional Internship role in GUEST RELATIONS at Magic Kingdom....


I already had an amazing internship lined up with Star 94 in Atlanta, and so I stood in the parking lot of the gas station, halfway between Milledgeville and home, freaking out about what I was going to do. Eventually I made a decision later on that night at home (Wednesday), but had to wait until Thursday night to confirm it, so nothing was official until late Thursday evening.

At first I was on a waiting list for housing, but eventually got placed into Disney housing. It ended up switching too, which is crazy! Now no one knows what to expect! I am STILL in shock. I had received two rejection e-mails from Disney, but neither had the actual position listed, and I applied for I guess I was still in the running and had no clue! When I spoke to one of the PI representatives over the phone, she told me that the e-mails were both for different positions, and that the position I was offered just took longer to be decided upon. She said that I was not rejected, I just hadn't been told anything yet, and that all of my application/interview/resume/etc. information was sent to different hiring agents in each department I applied for, and each of them decided for each position.

Unfortunately I had to give up an incredible opportunity that I was really excited about, but I know that this is a once in a lifetime chance that I cannot just let pass me by. This just goes to show that you really CAN get what you want, and that doors are never totally closed, even if you think they are. Magic really CAN happen. I applied for I believe 3 alumni of the College Program only positions, and two positions that were available to anyone, so 5 total. Guest Relations honestly was a stretch. I even said in my interview that GR is the "cream of the crop" and one of the most prestigious roles available within the parks, or even just in general. It was probably my second choice, because I really wanted to work with College Program/International College Program Events and felt highly qualified for it, but I am still SO excited and grateful for this opportunity. It is the role of a lifetime, and something that has the possibility to help define my future and change my life.


  1. Congratulations! That's so awesome!!

    Also, yay for GA residents! :)

  2. Congratulations, great story, cant wait to hear more!