Monday, October 5, 2009

The CP = more than just an internship or 5 months at Disney World

On my College Program, I did so many things...It was definitely much more than an internship, it was an experience. It was a different way of life. On my CP I...

  • took backstage tours for free
  • spent 8 minutes in the haunted mansion with 999 happy haunts, one of which followed me home!
  • was tricked by furry creatures into being plunged down a 5 story waterfall
  • played 3D carnival games with the characters of toy story
  • was asked what kingdom I hailed from by Prince Caspian
  • took a peek into the mind of Walt Disney
  • was a crash test dummy
  • freaked my face off inside of a giant tree seeing how bugs really live
  • looked for Nemo in the big blue world
  • saw California from a bird's eye view...hang gliding of course
  • got to vote for an American Idol
  • got upside down, close & personal with Aerosmith
  • traveled around the world in quite less than 80 days
  • had bratwurst for dinner in Germany & drinks and dessert from France
  • went on a safari to save baby elephants from poachers
  • got lots of awesome merchandise and experiences at a discounted rate
  • lived with the land and it's fish farms
  • went on a voyage with the little mermaid & friends
  • had a discussion with a really old sea turtle
  • flew on dumbo's back
  • took a flight with Peter Pan & crew
  • went on an expedition on mount everest and saw a yeti
  • was commander, navigator, pilot and engineer of a mission to mars
  • traveled back in time to bring a dinosaur to the future. not our dino!
  • saw how Minnie Mouse decorates her kitchen
  • went on a jungle cruise
  • rocked out (and fell asleep) with some country bears
  • triple-loaded on the wildest ride in the wilderness
  • went on the old space mountain haha
  • partied it up with Stitch in a supersonic celebration
  • went through recruitment to be a guard for the Galactic Federation
  • was part of a comedy show with Mike from Monsters Inc.
  • entered the twilight zone and fell 13 stories in an elevator at the hollywood tower hotel
  • moved it, shake-d it, celebrated it
  • saw fireworks almost every single night
  • saw a car split in half during a crazy car race
  • experienced a movie scene with fire & flooding
  • helped Mickey Mouse defeat evil
  • Believed in my wishes
  • plummeted down a 120 ft tall summit, also known as the 2nd highest/fastest waterslide in the entire world
  • was co-pilot of a monorail
  • stayed at the TTC until 5 in the morning when the grounds were getting pressurewashed
  • saw what Magic Kingdom looks like at 7 a.m.

It was so much more than "just an internship". I wish everyone could have such an experience.


  1. Hi! Great blog! I am an ICP and start on the 23rd of Jan. I was just wondering if you had any advice for people on how to settle into the complexes, what the best housing events to go to are, what to avoid, etc.

  2. Hey Jackie! Sorry, I never got your comment! I just saw it now and I am so sorry! I assume you are already there and that my answers probably wouldn't help you now. Again I am sorry and hope you are having a great time!

  3. Oh my goodness. I think this is such a fabulous way to describe disney rides and other attractions there. You are so creative. This definitely made me smile big!!