Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Training for Merchantainment

My role was Merchantainment, which is Disney-ease for merchandise. Training was a long process, but when it was done felt like it went pretty quickly!

Training began with Traditions, which is something everyone goes through within their first few days of being on the program. It is a 4 to 5 hour program where you learn about the company are are inspected to make sure you pass with your Disney Look. Make sure you dress appropriately. One of my roommates wore dress capris and was sent to costuming to get a large pair of costume pants to put on instead and missed part of the Traditions class. This is also where you get your name tag and Cast Member ID that gets you into all of the parks and gets you all of your discounts!Princess, me & Bridget ready for Traditions!

After Traditions, each role has its own type of training. I went through a lot of computer training on Epcot property backstage as well as computerized evaluations placed after hands-on learning. I went through Merchantainment training where I received a special pin and learned how to use the registers and deal with different situations. Most people were given sheets with their proper costumes pictured on them and an itinerary of their training, but I did not recieve one, so another girl named Danielle in my work location and I showed up to our first day of real training without knowing we would be training. My location required white tennis-type shoes, and I was most definitely wearing black flats on my first day. It took a long time to find a costume, which I also had no idea I would be wearing that day (I dressed up like a lot of others believing we were going through more classes). My trainer, Lydia, got me a locker and I changed with Danielle for the day ahead.
this costume looked AWFUL on me! I learned how to wear it better later on in my program, but this just looked horrible! especially with the shoes. the pants were HUGE!

A big part of training was Discovery Day. Each location has a different name, but similar type of day for their Cast Members. Animal Kingdom has "DAK-limation" (something like that). We went through some instruction in a classroom type setting, and then were taken on a tour through the park to learn more about it and its history. We got to ride a couple of attractions and learn about them as well. A lot of our training was ongoing. We had some classes months after we started working on the floor. It was really just to keep us updated and to make sure we were practicing the traditions and teachings of the company in the ways we were supposed to.

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