Monday, September 28, 2009

Packing & Apartment Post!

Packing...that is an interesting subject. This post will show you some of what a basic 4 bedroom apartment at Chatham Square looks like, and a bit about what you should bring with you and what is included. Everyone packs completely differently. It's also different if you fly or drive. I personally believe I brought WAY too much because my parents drove me down! You work a lot and you don't really spend much time in your apartment other than sleeping and sometimes eating, so you don't really need much in the way of recreation with you. I brought at TV, but I probably turned it on twice to actually watch something during the entire 5 months. When I was roommateless, I had it on for background noise at night, but that was all. I actually sent my DVD player home with my parents when they came to visit because I wasn't using it. I would say it'd be good to have one for the apartment, in case there are shows you really want to watch but otherwise it's just not really worth it.

Decorations are fun to bring because it makes your apartment more like home, but also keep in mind that it is not permanent and you will have to take all of that down and take it back home with you.

Each bedroom supplies:
  • Two twin (squeeeaky & not super comfortable) beds
my bed & nightstand!
  • Two night stands
  • One dresser - three drawers for each person

There was also a small closet for towels and bathroom supplies, as well as a walk-in closet with two lockers that you must supply your own lock for.

Bridget & my closet the day of move in!

The bathroom we shared with another bedroom of two had a toilet and a shower with a generic shower curtain. Each bedroom had its own sink which was really convenient. We also had a guest bathroom in the common area of our apartment which was good in case we had company or needed a bathroom when one was in use!
our bathroom!

The living/dining room area should have a kitchen table, chairs surrounding it (I believe we had six), a couch, a chair, a coffee table and an end table or two.

The kitchen is filled with with usual kitchen utilities. A stove, oven, refrigerator, pantry closet, cabinets, drawers, sink, garbage disposal, microwave, dishwasher, etc. Our apartment only had one fridge for EIGHT GIRLS. Eventually, towards the end of my program they added another fridge in a room we had in our apartment that they unlocked the door to. We had an assortment of dishes, and a few pots and pans and whatnot. I recommend using paper plates and things like that which are disposable because dishes between so many people can be a pain to control. They did not provide things like toasters, coffee makers, blenders, pizza slicers, etc. Just the very basics.

Overall, it's hard to really say what to bring and what not to bring. Usually if you really need something, you can go out and get it. I would bring clothing you feel comfortable in, but not too much because you will be in costume most of the time. Bring some clothes to play in and clothes to fit the Disney Look for classes and Traditions. If you want wireless internet, it is not provided for you, so you must bring a router. Otherwise only two people or so can be on the internet at once with ethernet cords in a pretty crammed nook area. If you are in a class, it may be useful to bring a printer but otherwise it really is not worth it. Curtains are definitely a good addition to your room for decoration AND to keep the sun out! A white board is also good to have for roommates to stay in contact with each other and post schedules and birthdays.

Extra storage is always a good thing to have. I bought a 3-drawer plastic container as well as a small shelf to put my television on and used the shelves in it. Things like decorative shower curtains and bath mats are good too and make your apartment feel more like home. They are pretty strict about putting things on the walls, but I had put some things up and it really was not ever a big deal. Hangers!! Make sure to get hangers to put your clothes and costumes up in your closet. A laundry hamper is good so that you don't leave clothes just lying around. My roommate bought a shoe rack that saved a lot of space too.

Things to leave at home:
CANDLES (ask my roommates how I felt about those haha), alcohol if you're under 21, drug & alcohol paraphernalia, weapons, pepper spray, basically anything illegal.

Really it's all about how you feel, on top of the basic personal items. You can always buy things there, and get cheap things at places like Property Control and Company D to decorate your apartment. I got picture frames galore, and my roommates gave me birthday cards and things like that which I used to decorate my room without spending too much money or bringing too much from home to worry about getting back home (although I ended up bringing a lot and having a tough time getting it back with everything I got there!).

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