Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Housing Rules & Inspections

A rumor you may hear about the Disney College Program is that the housing company that operates the complexes can be very strict. I'll leave out names, but it's definitely the truth. I work for housing at my university and have for three years, and yes, we are strict and follow rules but nothing to the extent that I lived up to in Orlando. It only makes sense though, as the living conditions and situation in general is completely different.
  • You are able to go to any apartment within your complex at any time.
  • If you are visiting another complex, you can enter before 9 p.m. with your own housing ID.
  • Visiting after 9 p.m. you must be signed into the complex by the person you are visiting.
  • You MUST LEAVE any apartment complex you do not reside in by 1 a.m. sharp, or you run a risk of getting caught and possibly terminated. (they have been known to check apartments, look for license plates - they document plates when you sign in, etc.)
  • Every time you enter a complex, you must present your housing ID.
  • You are allowed to have up to three people signed in at a time and they must all be above the age of 18. They must present some form of ID and you must fill out a visitors form for them that lasts for three days.
  • Buses go directly into The Commons & Vista Way, so it IS possible to get into those complexes without signing in, but it's recommended to sign in because you could get into a lot of trouble if you're caught.
Housing has people in the security booths at all times, and they also send people on patrol with golf carts and such. We were once told at three a.m. to close our window because we were not allowed to have them open and one of the guards drove by on a golf cart and saw ours cracked. You CAN get caught if you're doing something you shouldn't (lighting candles, drinking underage, etc.) and your blinds are open for the world to see because they keep their eyes open. What I've learned from working for housing is that the number one factor of people getting caught for doing things they shouldn't is noise.

If you are trying to sneak people into the complex, there are ways to do it that I am not going to list publicly. I personally never snuck anyone in, but I knew people who did and got away with it. You just have to know the right way to do it if you are that inclined. One thing I would NOT recommend doing would be to put someone in the trunk of your car. I unfortunately had three roommates who were trying to bring a friend into the complex in the trunk of one of their cars and they were caught. The next morning they were terminated and given 24 hours to pack up everything and leave the complex. It was an awful experience for everyone involved. It is definitely not worth the risk, so please DON'T do it!

Otherwise, just follow the written rules. Don't do anything that would involve breaking the law. Drugs are an automatic termination. I know people who were terminated for drinking underage, including people over 21 who were in an underage apartment while alcohol was being consumed, so be careful and think before you go into a situation with alcohol. Don't have candles or weapons. Basically just use common sense.

There is not much to say about inspections. The dates they will be held for your apartment building are usually listed on a board at least a week in advance, but it is possible to have surprise inspections (although we never had one). I think we had three or four while I was on my program and we passed each time. You can fail individual pieces, but overall pass as an apartment, but if you fail for the apartment each resident has to pay $25 for a cleaning crew to come in. We passed each of ours, and they usually leave you something like candy or a small snack when they leave. One of my roommates' bathroom counters kept failing each inspection, and none of us could really tell why haha. Otherwise, you just have to make sure that EVERYTHING is clean. Make sure your bed is made, surfaces are clean, the bathrooms and kitchen are as spotless as possible, and even make sure your trash is taken out as well. Someone usually comes in and checks everything off on a sheet of paper that is left in your apartment for everyone to see so they know what areas need to be improved or what was done well.

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