Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hours/Points/Reprimands/Great Service Fanatics

I'm pretty much copying Crissa's Blog on this post. Thanks Crissa!

To start out, HOURS & TIME OFF:
Hours-wise you are usually guaranteed approximately 32 hours a week in order to have enough money to cover your rent. I worked roughly 32-39 hours a week in my location at Epcot Towers & Glow which I will tell you more about later! I would usually work shifts from around 4:30 p.m. until 11:15 p.m. Of course I had other shift times, but those were the most common. My shifts would go from 6 to 14 hours. We would get breaks based on how many hours we worked, which were pretty good in my opinion. I know people who during the high season worked crazy hours every single day and probably around 80 hours a week. I lucked out in my location and did not have any really super insane times like that. Working in merchandise, all of the registers are the same across property for the most part and I could have picked up shifts at many other locations if I had wanted to though, which is a really good idea to get some extra money here and there. I never actually did it, but maybe in the future I will! In requesting time off, I usually got what I wanted if I requested it off enough time in advance.

You usually will get 2 days off for every 7 days you work. Some people believe that is Sunday to Sunday, but in all actuality, you could have Monday and Tuesday off, and work the next nine days in a row before you had another day off. It is two days within a seven day period, so you could have two at the beginning of the first seven days and two at the end of the next seven. I usually had the same two days off, but if I requested certain days as my "regular days off", I would get the days I wanted off instead. You have to request time off at least two weeks, or sooner in advance if you are able to. Some locations it was not as easy to get time off, so I guess I lucked out!

The point system is basically the discipline system of the company. You get a point value for being late, missing work, etc. Your points can accumulate and they actually stay on your record for the entire time you are employed by the company. They can affect your status with the company and hold you back from things like extensions and becoming a Campus Representative or becoming seasonal.

Some examples I am stealing from Crissa's Blog are as follows:
"-You call into work for being "sick" or "personal"... you get 1 point each day.
-You are late to work by 1 second-2 hours... you get 1/2 a point.
- you are late to work by 2 + hours... you get a whole point
- you do something bad on the job... missing money, poor judgement, etc etc etc ... you could get anysort of points/rep's... it really varies by severity and it's up to the discretion of the leader

3 total points in 30 days = 1 repimand
6 total points in 60 days = 1 repimand
9 total points in 90 days = 1 repimand...

3 1/2 total points in 30 days = 1 repimand + 1 point...

in order to get termed AS A CP (i'm not honestly sure if it's the same for full time/ part time)... you need:

4 attendance repimands or I believe it's 3 performance reprimands (most commonly given in hospitality for being short a lot of money in your drawer, REALLY poor judgment while working.... something like that)."

During my program, I had gotten 2.5 points in a 5 month period, so I think I did pretty well! I had called in sick once, personal once, and was late once coming back from a trip to see a shuttle launch a few hours away. Even if you are one second late, you are given a half of a point and that lasts through tardies up to two hours.


GSF cards are awesome! They are basically awesome comment cards you can receive from fellow Cast Members or guests who may know about them. I actually received one from the Vice President of Epcot once! Awesome! I had gotten three over the time I was on my program, which was pretty good. Some locations gave them away like water, but others like mine did not give them out as much. Each card is a nice reminder of why you do what you do with a smile on your face and keeping the magic alive. You put one half of the card into a raffle box and are entered to win for the month and get to keep the other half for yourself. They are really motivational and make you really want to go out and keep doing a good job to get more! I would give some to my coworkers, and also asked a manager at the 50s Primetime to get one for one of their cast members who really did a great job. It's a nice thing to recognize your fellow cast members for eveything they do!


  1. you were able to give them to other cast members at the parks?!?! wtf!!! everytime I wanted to give one to a cast member, they said I couldn't because I was a cast member myself...

  2. Thanks for posting this! I'm starting the CP in August, and it would be great to know all of this.