Monday, September 28, 2009


The College Program offers a lot of classes that participants can sign up for during their first couple of days on the program. Some schools accept these classes for credits, and some do not. Luckily, my school accepted them and so I signed up for two. If I was not getting credit for the classes, I probably would not have taken them. They were usually held on your days off, so you would not have a full day off, and some of them cost money for the materials that would be deducted straight from your paycheck. One of my classes was $56 and the other was $6, and I was also paying tuition through my school to get the equivalent credit. I have heard that some of the actual learning series and exploration classes are very interesting and take you behind the scenes of the company, so it would be worth it to look into those if you are really interested. I was not allowed to take any on top of the two classes I was taking for credit, so I do not know too much about them.

I took both the Organizational Leadership & Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management courses. Each of the classes were taught in classrooms at different apartment complexes. Mine were in Patterson's clubhouse and a Vista Way classroom. Each class I took was at 8 a.m. and lasted for 4 hours with a break somewhere in between. My classes were pretty generic. We went through powerpoint slides, took notes, and had group projects in each. We wrote a couple of short papers, and I had a final presentation in one and a final exam in the other. Overall they were both pretty easy, and I made an A in one and a B in the other (I did not study enough for the final!). For each class, you must dress in Disney Look attire with your nametag, or in your work costume. There is a period during the really crazy season where you get I think two weeks off of class so that you can be scheduled to work and not be too overwhelmed. The professors are also usually pretty good at working with you as well.

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