Monday, September 28, 2009


This is it! Time to move to your new home for the next 5 to 7 months! I had picked the earliest check-in day for the season, which I would recommend because it left the highest selection of apartments and it was much easier to find what I needed at Wal-Mart and local stores before EVERYTHING sold out. It is seriously true. CPs take over! I could not find a mattress pad that fit my twin bed the entire time I was on my program. No lie, they were sold out every single time!

Before I started my program, I joined a lot of Facebook groups and made some new "friends" before arriving. I ended up staying in touch with them, and met some of them who became my really good friends during the program and for life! It's good to go with at least somewhat of a net of people so you can kind of have those people to go to and say hello and hang out with. Something else to keep in mind, is that everyone is going through the same things you are and are all there for the same reason. They wouldn't have been chosen by Disney if they were not outgoing and exciting people! So during check-in, be open and outgoing and try to meet as many people as you can!

Some of my roommates & I at check-in!

My roommates and I arrived at Vista Way at 8 a.m. and lined up at the clubhouse to check in. Our parents were taken elsewhere and given tours of the complex. We were so excited that we talked to everyone we met and chatted with the housing staff. We filled out paperwork and went through housing selection where we told them we wanted a 2 bedroom apartment in Chatham Square. They said the only way the four of us could stay together and in Chatham would be to get a 4 bedroom apartment so we went with it. It's good to know what you want and be in line with who you want to live with, because it gives you a higher chance of staying together. Price wise, each complex was different and the prices were lower for the amount of bedrooms you had. Vista Way was the least expensive, then Chatham Square, Patterson Court (the newest complex) and The Commons (for international students).

During check-in, you get information about when your orientation session is, and where your apartment will be pretty much. During my program, we found out on the second day where our work locations would be and when our Traditions class was. I think they may have changed it now to have all of that to you on the first day.

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