Monday, September 28, 2009

Applications & Interview Process

Ok, to start from the beginning, I'll tell you a bit about the application and interview process. It has actually changed a bit since I applied for the program, and as a Campus Rep, I'm kept informed of some of the changes! When I applied for my program (each time haha), I attended a presentation at my school. We were shown a video with our good friend Tara who showed us all about the living, learning, and earning components to the College Program. During the presentation, we were shown a ton of the other companies owned by Disney, and asked questions that we recieved cool prizes for answering like Disney figurines or cool CP pens.

After the presentation, we were given applications to fill out, and we scheduled phone interview times with the recruiter who was there. The applications were paper at the time, but things have changed! Now there is an online application, where you fill out an application, a role checklist, and you do a new web based interview. The web based interview takes approximately 45 minutes and it will determine whether you move on to a phone interview or not. When I applied, we just went straight to the phone interview after turning in our applications & role checklists.

The role checklist is basically a list of roles and what their responsibilities may include. There are a lot of roles, and the more you check off, the higher chance you have of being accepted into the program. I would not check off anything you feel you would not like doing, because you will be doing this for anywhere from 6+ hours a day for the majority of the 5-7 months you spend on the program, so choose wisely!

Here are the on-stage roles listed on the checklist: Quick-Service Food & Beverage, Merchandise, Attractions, Custodial, Main Entrance Operations, Hopper, Lifeguard, Recreation, Full-Sevice Food & Beverage, PhotoPass Photographer, Housekeeping, Hospitality, Concierge, Resort Hopper, Bell Services Dispatch, Transportation, Vacation Planner, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Hostess, Character Attendant & Character Performer.

The backstage roles providing minimal to no guest interaction include: Costuming, Quick Service Restaurant - Kitchen Only, Culinary Assistant - Cook II, and Culinary Assistant - Baking & Pastry.

During my phone interview I was asked some general housekeeping questions about my application and information. We discussed the roles I had checked on my list. I was asked why I did not check certain roles, and I explained that I did not find that they would be giving me the best learning experience that I could achieve and that I just did not want to do them. I was asked questions pertaining to the roles, for example when asked about being a Character Attendant, I had to answer how I would deal with a situation concerning an angry guest and a character performer I was taking care of. I was asked a bit about my previous job experience as well. A big question that I was asked, and did not realize how big of a question it was, was what my favorite park was. At the time, I kind of just threw Epcot out there only because it was the last park I had really been to. Others were asked where they wanted to work, and sometimes it may have helped their placements. I was placed in Epcot and I believe it is because of my answer to that question. Make sure if you have any preferences that you mention them during your phone interview, because it couldn't hurt!

After my interview, I was told I should get my information within the next 2-4 weeks or so. I got my acceptance a lot quicker than most people I had heard from each time I had applied. Although, the first time I applied they actually sent me the wrong person's letter! I got my acceptance letter just about 2 weeks after my interview! It described my role, the amount I would be paid, and what I had to do to accept it. From there, I paid my assessment fee and accepted my offer. You go through a process online after you pay your fee where you choose your check-in/check-out dates from whatever is still available.

If you are planning on living with someone you know, they MUST be doing the same program as you (the 5 or 7-month) as well as arrive on the same day as you. You are able to request one roommate online before you arrive, but no more than that. I found my roommate through Facebook groups which really helped, because she was amazing! There is also a random roommate selection that you can use to pick one of your roommates and you can accept or deny them, as well as change as time passes and things may change.

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